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Quality & sustainable development


Tereos PureCircle Solutions, a supplier that addresses your needsde vos attentes

If you are in search of socially responsible ingredients as part of your environmental and sustainable development effort, then Tereos PureCircle Solutions is the contact for you.

Thanks to a fully integrated supply chain, the stevia provided by PureCircle represents an approach for ensuring the integrity of the materials supplied, so that you can be supplied with eco-friendly products that are natural and safe to use.

Vertical integration

Tereos PureCircle Solutions draws on a considerable capacity for Stevia Rebaudiana leaf cultivation, which is managed by PureCircle. From the purchase of 65% of the stevia leaves produced worldwide, PureCircle produces over 75% of the stevia plant extracts. Consequently, in 2010, PureCircle manufactured over 90% of the 97% pure Rebaudioside A marketed worldwide.




Furthermore, PureCircle has dedicated years of work to the varietal selection of stevia plants, and carries out the extraction and purification of stevia extracts. Its substantial capacity for extract production enables it to meet increasing market demand.

Consistent quality

Tereos PureCircle Solutions guarantees its customers a quality of Rebaudioside A which is more than 97% pure, and preserves this consistency in all product batches. This level of purity is guaranteed by certified analyses conducted by external laboratories, and by the ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certifications awarded to the company’s overall business activities. Consumers of this over-97% pure agro-food can enjoy a reduction in aftertaste and can also create an array of low-calorie foodstuffs.

Sustainable Development

PureCircle is committed to sustainable agricultural methods. 

This policy is achieved through advice to planters, water treatment processes, a micro-credit programme, and the creation of projects in rural communities.

PureCircle has a special assistance and support policy for small communities. The extraction by-products are recycled for use as fuel or fertiliser. Stevia is produced by local small farmers in Thailand, Indonesia, China, Paraguay and Kenya.


PureCircle works with Amigos De Las Americas, a non-profit charitable organisation.
This organisation offers adolescents and young adults opportunities for community service, while at the same time contributing to the welfare of hundreds of Latin American communities.

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